Playing Lavender

Matilda the Musical, Shows

Through most of 2014 I was rehearsing, then playing the role of Lavender in Matilda The Musical, at the Cambridge Theatre, Covent Garden.

I always loved the Roald Dahl book and had watched the Danny DeVito film many times, but the Royal Shakespeare Company’s adaptation for the Theatre was my favourite. I had been to see the musical with my Mum quite a few times, and various friends of mine have been in previous casts, so when I got to perform in the show it was so exciting.

Lavender was a great role for me. She’s Matilda’s best friend and has some really funny lines throughout, especially when playing a prank on Ms. Trunchbull, with a newt. That’s all I’m saying as I don’t want to spoil it, especially if you haven’t seen it!!! And there are some big musical numbers throughout the show, with very technical dance routines… my favourite was always ‘Revolting Children’ near the end of the show.

The whole cast were incredible. All of the adults, the Matilda’s and the kids in our team. Amazing. And they will always be such good friends.

During my run we got to appear on The Paul O’Grady show on ITV, performing Revolting Children, and the brilliant US cast of Dance Mums came to see me perform as Lavender – I’ve done separate posts on those special days – and I must also say a HUGE thank you to all my friends, my school-friends and teachers, and my family who came to watch me in the theatre show… but one night will always stand out for me. The night Tim Minchin came to watch!!! The show’s composer and lyricist. I was so proud he’d seen us perform. What an amazing and talented man. And so kind. He even let me have a photo with him at the stage door, after the show.

2014 has been a great year!!! 🙂

When ‘Matilda The Musical’ appeared on ITV’s The Paul O’Grady Show, May 2014

Matilda the Musical, Shows

In May, while I was playing Lavender in Matilda The Musical, we were invited on to the Paul O’Grady show on ITV to perform ‘revolting children’. It was so much fun to record in front of a live studio audience and all those cameras.

Paul was very nice and so funny, and he even covered his face in chocolate cake to set the scene… and what a buuuuuuuurp!!!

Here are some photos taken from the studio recording and the youtube video of the performance if you fancy watching 🙂

Appearing live with the Matilda The Musical Cast, on ITV's Paul O'Grady Show, May 2014

Appearing live with the Matilda The Musical Cast, on ITV’s Paul O’Grady Show, May 2014

ITV Paul O'Grady Show finale

ITV Paul O’Grady Show finale

Striking our Matilda pose outside ITV's studio on the Southbank

Striking our Matilda pose outside ITV’s studio on the Southbank

When the kids from ‘Dance Mums’ came to see Matilda The Musical, September 2014

Matilda the Musical, Shows

It was such an exciting day when the cast of the US Dance Mums came to see us in Matilda the Musical. I really love their TV show and when I saw them during their recent London Tour I asked them to come and see me in Matilda. And wow, they came!!! Such an amazing night.