Damned, Series 2 – February 14th 2018


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Last year I filmed the opening episode of ‘Damned’ Series 2, which aired on the 14th February ’18, on Channel 4 in the UK. I got to open the new series playing the character of Tiara, in this dark comedy written by Jo Brand, Morwenna Banks and Will Smith.

The TV show was shot by the wonderful and Emmy award winning Director, Natalie Bailey who gave me some amazing advice and support given the seriousness of the storyline in the script. Damned is a really dark comedy but it was offset by spending time with some of the funniest actors and actresses I have had the pleasure of working with. So, I have to call out Alan Davies and especially Jo Brand who had us all in stitches. Both of them have won Baftas too… wow!

I want to give special mention to Morwenna Banks too, who not only co-writes the series but is also the Executive Producer and has to be one of the loveliest ladies I have met in this industry. Thanks so much for all of the support you gave me, Morwenna, during the filming and after!

Here are a couple of clips from the episode…

The show’s had some really good reviews, from the UK press – I’ve added some of the quotes at the bottom of the post – and this is no doubt down to some brilliant writing and excellent performances from the whole cast. I feel it can be more of a challenge to bring out the humour when the significance of the subject is difficult to accept and adversely effects many people everyday, in real life.

All in all another amazing experience, which I definitely think has helped my acting grow and progress.


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