Pretty Outrageous The Movie 2016


Over the Summer I filmed ‘Pretty Outrageous’ in Los Angeles. My first feature film. What an incredible experience… Summer 2016, my best Summer so far!!!

I was so lucky to have worked with an amazing cast of really talented actors and actresses. The film focuses on a group of girls who have moved to LA and what happens during their first Summer out of school. Forming a new band, playing modern country, they enter a competition in the hope of winning the grand finale… that’s all I should say for now. Spoiler alert!

We filmed the movie in lots of different locations, but especially around one of my favourite places in LA, Hermosa Beach. You can imagine, such a beautiful location with amazing weather, waves, sand and retro ice cream parlours. I really miss being there now. And I especially miss the other girls in the band; Isabella Blake Thomas, Scarlett Rayner and Ladybird Ward.

I play the role of Amy, one of the band members. There’s a few photos of us in my behind-the-scenes photo gallery. We worked with some amazing and really well known kids, based in LA. All so talented, and lovely at the same time; Olivia Sanabia, Gabe Eggerling, Jake Brennan, Cassie Brennan, Michelle Moores, to name a few. And an equally brilliant adult cast; Dan Richardson (we couldn’t have asked for a funnier actor to play Uncle Wayne), Cameron Bright, Georgia Hair, Charlie Wright and Franklin Vanderbilt who was our band’s drummer – this was one of the most exciting moments for me as Franklin is a famous drummer in his own right who plays with some real music legends, like Lenny Kravitz and Slash of Guns N’ Roses. Now that’s Rock & Roll!!

I also want to say a special thank you to our brilliant Director, Elizabeth Blake Thomas. She was an inspiration to us all. Calm, focused, always smiling and just brilliant to work with… as was her dog, Chai, who was always on set and somehow worked her way into getting a role in the film!

The film is now in post production, so I’m looking forward to seeing the final result. More news on that to follow…


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